What are we even doing here?!

I’ve been making weird stuff since I was stardust. More recently I made an apprentice- She’s great and at this moment I’ve scaled back client work in order to spend more time showing her around the shop, the lab, the studio and all the strange things we get into. Most of the content you’ll see here is original- basically we do fun stuff literally every day and usually capture it in some way anyhow. Don’t expect super-slick videos or step by step guides, but I’ll try to get you some cliff notes and links as needed if anyone is curious. Obviously we’re just out here enjoying life, so nothings guaranteed, and since I can’t control your life choices I’ll just trust you to use good judgement in regards to safety, etc. Is that a disclaimer? I hope so.

Here’s a life hack I’ve discovered for this kid: She likes to teach/present. And you can’t very well teach without first learning the content, so that’s our angle for most of these projects to stay motivated, and that’s why a lot of clips have her doing some presenting.

Who am I?

I’m a product development specialist on casual hiatus, but seizing the chance to do stuff I’d probably never get the opportunity to at a real job. I live in North Carolina by way of Chicago. I started my career as a Toy Designer at Rehkemper ID, then moved into product design & engineering at Insight Product Development, and finally moved out here to help start Enventys which later created Everyday Edisons- the website & TV show. My personal company is Caliber Design Center, but that’s a whole other website (that really needs an update!) But if you’re wondering why I have all these exotic machines, materials, and mechanisms lying around the house– that’s why.

An introduction to our chief scientist, Delilah.

Delilah wasn’t expecting to be born just yet, so we hosted a surprise party for the induction. Appropriately it was the international “March for science” day!

Kind of like a kinderegg.

**So as a bit of an afterthought I went back and changed the amazon links on this site to affiliate links, because there doesn’t seem to be a downside, and all this activity costs something. In the unlikely event a profit is somehow turned (through that or other means), it will be added to her (college?) savings account. Thanks for your support!

**Update: I guess you need customers to maintain an amazon affiliate status, so we’re back to paying for this out of pocket, since I’m not particularly interested in promoting this right now. Also, (maybe) due to that lack of promotion, my mom is probably the only visitor to this site, and even then its only IF she’s sorted out how to use tabs in firefox.

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