**From April 21st- 2020

Just as I was wrapping up the Supacar project, and looking forward to a well deserved break, I found myself taking out the trash at 1:30am- completed that task and accidentally glanced across the street to notice some strange engine’ish parts sticking out of my neighbors’ (Brett) trash.

“No, Kevin- you don’t need this. Let it go. Stifle that curiosity.. please!” said my internal dialogue. Long story short- it was a little gas powered leaf blower. Dangit, Brett! I guess I have to build a hovercraft now. c’est la vie.

**Updated 9/8/2022. Ok, we’ve cut the tube, built a cushion, added a bicycle inner tube, and laid up a wooden support matrix. We’ve also added a carb rebuild kit and assorted engine maintanance- it’s running pretty well (and HOVERING!) but need to get it on a nice smooth surface to document.