Welding kitty

Lets start at the beginning on this one: Welding isn’t your average toddler activity. Del is curious about welding, but we (collectively) haven’t actually welded anything (yet). While I might let her flip the switch on our spot welder, that actual welding day will likely be a ways off. Prior to today I had to just have her wait outside the room when the welding magic happens and then when she comes back, things are stuck together. Evidently they don’t make kid size welding helmets. Till now.

I’m probably going to post file(s) for this like any of the other projects, but you should be aware that Delilah has a bewildering love and dedication for safety at age 3. I can assure you it didn’t come from my DNA, but if you want to be continually monitored for wearing (or not) shoes in the garage- Del’s your gal. She takes her laser glasses, welding goggles, rubber gloves, etc. very seriously. I don’t have a frame of reference but I would wager a guess most toddlers don’t. Survival skills I guess. Anyway, here’s her new helmet. She’s taken to cats lately- so it’s a cat. meow! (also, I put a nose indent in there first and asked myself… self: what can I make this look like?)

Welding shade: 4.25″ x 2″

1/4-20 bolts pressed into the printed knobs.

I got a little fancy with the band. The square socket is for a piece of 1/4″ thick soft rubber. That way it has a bit of stretch when you put it on and holds securely to her head for the flip up/downs. I’m thinking about adding a magnetic detent for up down but for now she’s happy she gets to watch welding happen – safely of course!