Lotus Birthday Candle

Well, it finally arrived! Delilah’s 3rd birthday- we had a great time with a formal ballroom affair. As usual, we had a lot going on- I got our disco ball going again, mom made S’more cupcakes, and at the 11th hour, I snagged another little cake because I remembered I bought a 2nd Lotus candle a few years back because I liked the 1st one so much. What’s a lotus candle you ask? Well, it’s pretty nifty- it has electronics, pyrotechnics, and an ingenious constant force spring animating the whole thing. Clever. Of course we tore it all apart after the fact- that may have been the best part, but anyway, if you want to enjoy it the conventional way that’s fine too. Basically just set it on your cake or object of interest- light the fuse and step back to enjoy the show! You can pick one up here or a nice set of them here if you like (the later example includes a baseball/trophy version!)