Vortex Gun

Here’s an easy one- Vortex gun. You can actually pretty well buy one right here if you want to do it the easy way. There is also a pistol style toy if that’s your interest. However, its not hard to make one. You basically just need a volume (preferably cylindrical- but even a cardboard box can work), and a diaphragm material- this can literally just be part of the container that you give a slap to. So in its simplest/cheapest form- this is a cardboard box that you cut a hole in. You fill up the box with smoke and give the back of the box a smack. If you want to improve results from there, go with a cylinder, and a rubber sheet. Ideally, you want to trigger the pressure wave right from the center point and you want your volume not to have corners.

So, we did just that and here’s our result: