Delilah Costumes:

Technically, I consider this Del’s first costume.
Just hours after posting this, I answered a call from an agent in Los Angeles. Next thing you know, D’s got a college fund! Also- we won the costume contest! Whee! A client sent me this video she randomly watched on TV a week later:
Delilah made her first pilgrimage to Long Beach, CA for Battlebots (as a spectator this time!) and continued up the coast on an epic road trip to San Francisco. Her superfan outfit featured elements of from assorted favorite competitors, light up flip flops, and an animated digital message board.

Our little cymbal monkey

Falcor the luck dragon!
Falcor, Bastian, & Atreyu!
Just a random Tuesday we happened to watch Peter Pan. We don’t watch much TV, but when we do, we put in the effort!
I’m a Din-o-saur. Oh. My. Gosh.