Zoltar was a fun one. I usually get started on a costume inspired by a random thing lying around. This one was a tiny fluorescent bulb that I put in a polycarbonate tube to make a bright magic wand. Though I still thought that was neat, it eventually broke and Zoltar doesn’t even have a wand anyway- does he? Anyway, I illuminated the crystal ball instead (snow globe). It rained this Halloween, so in retrospect a lid would have been nice. It was awkward enough maneuvering around- fortunately I kept an “Out of Order” sign behind the curtain for bathroom breaks or other “out side of the box” activity.

What you see in this pic is this girl’s dispensed fortune. I made up a stack of weird random “fortunes” or basically my version of what you might find in a fortune cookie. I don’t know what I dispensed in this example, but I’m not sure she’s content with it. I had a little channel to drop cards in (after my own little robot dance) once spectators inserted a quarter (or whatever) in the front slot. I took Wayne Gretsky’s advice this year and missed 100% of the shots I didn’t take. Contests can be a bit of a hassle anyway. The box of change was a nice consolation prize though!