Dry Ice fun

Dry ice is frozen Carbon Dioxide- its very cold and pretty fun. You shouldn’t really touch it with your bare hands especially if your hands are wet because you could get frostbite if it sticks and has enough time to transfer heat from your skin. That said, you can do some fun experiments if you can find it available. If you’re in Charlotte like us, I know they carry it at the Harris Teeter in Cotswald- elsewhere you may have to make a few calls to find somewhere to get it. There are a lot of experiments you can do but here are a few to get started. As it “melts” (sublimates- this is a bit unusual to go from a solid directly to gas state) you’ll get visible CO2 vapor which you can use to make these big funky white bubbles. If you put your dry ice directly into your bubble solution you get a big spongy pile of white bubbles that smoke when you pop ’em.