Pneumatic Hand

Today was just your average day around the house, and an old friend requested a birthday greeting for another, so we whipped up this little fluid dynamics demonstrator. Pretty timely what with the Covid19 and all.

Well, as it turns out D is just D-lighted with the whole idea and can’t stop playing with it now so up it goes! Not much to it, really. Just plug any old air pump into a glove and you’re done (fundamentally). Now if you want to get fancy like this, use an intermediate cylinder to pressurize- that will help your glove stay straight too- bonus points if you find a clear one. You could make one by just rolling up any piece of plastic and taping the seam. Because the pump we used doesn’t have a release valve, we drilled a hole in the base and put a piece of tape over it. That way when we want to deflate, just peel back that tape and when you’re ready to inflate stick it back on. It’s actually a really effective demonstrator of air pressure.

As to the fingers- you can secure them any way you like. I used some restickable tape- the gummy kind that holds well but you can restick. That way you can reconfigure the fingers however you like. Now remember, with great power comes great responsibility. For example, in this video I reconfigured them for “hang loose”. Use this at your own risk of offense- sometimes fingers pop up randomly.