Pinochio’s Cousin

This one was a natural progression off of the jumping harness. Delilah was already pretty into it and an ideal age to pull off a puppet costume. She couldn’t really even walk at this point so it was also good practice! She’d have been a bit over a year at this costume, and very manageable as a puppet. I don’t think she could pull it off nearly as well since she’s probably twice as big.

If you wanted to try to duplicate this, be sure to use strong tethers, and a wide, comfortable harness system. What you don’t see under this costume is the wide leather bands around her hips, legs, and her lederhosen basically form the support structure that keeps her standing up. Lucky for me, she really enjoyed the experience here- and I got to be more comfortable than most halloween’s as gepetto!

A shocking short time after sharing this video, I answered an unknown call from LA- evidently an agency had seen this and wanted to license. Not really a downside that I could/can see to this as we were just out having fun- so now Del has her own College fund receiving payments from this video. Days later, a client sent me a video she took of her TV set- Inside Edition! Not a bad start!