Microscope stuff

It’s always exciting when Delilah opts for Microscope over TV- this particular expedition we (Delilah, myself, and her Camel, “Saul”)were hunting Tardigrades- a fascinating little creature (also called Water bears) with a penchant for survival. I’m going to regurgitate what I read about this although we didn’t succeed in our mission (yet). What we did do while searching is find some green moss, mix it up with water and put the slurry onto a microscope slide and search for a while. We have a basic microscope so we added some led lighting on the underside to help illuminate things- need to upgrade our hardware in this department soon! Anyway, so that’s the prescription I’ve read suggested for finding these waterbears, instead we found rotifers (I think). Any comments on A)If that’s correct, and B) Where/how we can find some Tardigrades welcomed! The search continues!

Anyone with suggestions for finding and viewing these elusive beasts, please send ’em our way!