Aviation Museum

Ok, this one’s not so practical for quarantine, but it’s an oft overlooked gem here in Charlotte right next to the airport, so even if you’re here on a long layover (CLT is a hub for assorted airlines and just expanded) you can probably go check it out! It features Sully’s ditched plane featured in Miracle on the Hudson, and assorted military and historical airplanes all inside a big airplane hangar- it can get a little hot mid-summer in there (they don’t air condition the main hangar area) but there is an indoor area and an outside open-air area as well. One of Delilah’s favorite things was that there are a few opportunities to actually get into the cockpit and press some buttons. She’s a little older now and eager to get back there- I wish it was open already! Also, while not affiliated with the museum (to my knowledge) there is also a nearby airport overlook which is another cool feature that kids like- you can watch all the planes land and take off!