This one looks easy and it is- I almost skipped posting it but as a project that totally can be done for less than $5, and in 5 minutes this hits the bullseye. Also, as fun and basic as it is, its not always the 1st thing to pop into your head.

Not going to break this down too far because hey- it’s a slingshot. We went with the deluxe version and once again used our former leather couch- the gift that keeps on giving. My midnight fillet of said couch on trash night has provided ample material for SO many projects- including the jumping harness, the Pinocchio costume, doll costumes!, etc. If you’re getting rid of leather furniture- definitely break out a scissors!

Look! It works! (We’re hunting “Bergens” with pinecones in this particular shot- acorns work better but Del befriended all the other pinecones so I can’t use them.)