Smoke Bubbles!

This is an easy one! Add some extra pop! to your bubble repertoire with a containment chamber and some smoke effects. Bubble machines are a dime a dozen these days- you probably already have one lying around just because. Well, next time Amazon comes by, take the box, cut two holes in that box, and install a bubble machine into the hole on top, and aim a smoke source at some lower hole in the box. One of very few ways you can mess up this little project is to jam the smoke input into the box and end up jumbling up the pressure dynamic required for both the smoke and more importantly the bubble machine. It may not look it, but it’s a bit of a balancing act to get an appropriate bubble wand orifice to pass over an appropriate volume of air moving an an appropriate rate and carrying an appropriate amount of bubble fluid. When all those variables line up just right you get a nice quantity of good sized bubbles.

Consequently, you’ll want to direct the air path but do as little as possible to effect the overall air pressure. A good way to do that is to make an oversize hole, and point your smoke generator at an odd angle about 1-2″ away from that hole. At least that gets the best results for us.

We usually use a halloween fog generator that we got for around $30 a few years ago because its easy, reliable, and available, but we’ve also used the standard round smoke bomb (fireworks) and had success making colored bubbles, albeit a bit more toxic I suppose.

Happy bubblng!