Spock-the amazing magician

Spock, & his duct tape.. alien?

This page is sort of a placeholder until I can find some more media that I know exists somewhere. I like this pic though because Amanda’s costume is pretty well made entirely out of duct tape. That my beer is taped to my hand is pretty… illogical I guess. I also had a little “Tricorder” prop that basically just shot some blue light into my face.

Anyway, I particularly enjoyed the absurdity of this concept because under my shirt is an assortment of xmas style LED’s which flicker and illuminate as I’m “beaming up”… now some of you are likely wondering- how did he actually disappear? Well.. a true magician never reveals his tricks, but a hack has no such qualms. Misdirection- my friends.. I had a pocket full of “whipper snappers” (those ubiquitous little firecrackers that explode on impact with any hard surface). As my activated transporter lighting begins, and I simultaneously toss this handful of mayhem elsewhere to draw the viewer’s attention, only then do I swiftly evade the eyes behind the nearest convenient object…. and THAT my friends.. is… somethin’.