Satyr/Puck/Pan whateva.

If you’re 6’4″ and want to make yourself even more awkward- try strapping on a pair of jumping stilts. Somehow I’m really good at balancing on these and have thus far avoided serious injury despite runs, jumps, and many precarious journeys down many steps. Also, this is well pre-Delilah, Amanda’s ultrasound this particular year revealed a motorcycle helmet.

This costume actually started as an Enventys project. We were hired to build a rendition of a Pogo stick using composite leaf springs very similar to those installed on these original jumping stilts. I don’t think the company had envisioned this application but perhaps they should have.

The only challenge when you’re using these is to stand still. So I did a lot of moving around or leaning on things/people. Definitely takes some stamina- so riding in somebody’s truck was a real luxury here.

You can see how ridiculously long these legs are in this pic. It gets weirder when you see them in use. The trouble is that my fuzzy pants don’t bounce quite as well as the rest of me, so Sherry & Amanda helping re-pin the perimeter here.