Wyatt’s Grand tour

So, you may have noticed the last three updates (door, cart, bikecart) are Wyatt projects. We’ve been having too much fun building lately to keep up with documenting too much. I mean we have the media but actually compiling it into a slightly informative and/or entertaining page takes a lot more effort. Anyway, in case it’s not obvious, Wyatt has Osteosarcoma- it damaged his leg bone and it was amputated. He finished up his Chemo and his lung X-rays actually looked clear, but some awful coughing resulted in more ER trips, scans, and surgery. So he has a heart thing (possible Hemangiosarcoma- TWO cancers? what?) going on now that’s filling his chest cavity with blood and compacting his heart, lungs and other organs. We drained that and he bounced back quickly, but I was told at the time he probably had hours to days to live- I asked optimistically “maybe weeks?” and was told flatly “very unlikely”. But that was nearly 2 weeks ago, so we’re pretty grateful for that at least and trying to make the most of our remaining days. to that end, lots of stuff lately is Wyatt centric and so I’ll post that up and then hopefully try to catch up on more conventional projects as I can.

Wyatt’s 10th (& Trouble’s ~14th) birthday coincided with the end of his Chemo!
This past weekend’s trip to the coast & easter egg hunt: