Saul’s New Bike

Every toddler seems to have a favorite “friend”, & Del’s no exception. Although she’s quite fond of Minnie, and Monkey, her favorite is her camel friend, “Saul”. Nobody knows why or how she opted to name him but she’s been calling him that since she was an infant so we just went with it.

We do a lot of bicycling- I posted a review of the seats we’ve used thus far here but the most recent (a Weeride bike trailer) inspired this build so that her buddy Saul can pedal along too. I think she’s seized the opportunity as a “teacher” and its improved her confidence too! She’s been pretty delighted to ride now and even though we’re a pretty long bike train riding around town, it seems to bring a lot of joy to most people we encounter (& who notice- he’s pretty small) so we’ll keep on doing it. In clipping up our videos, I actually did some math and counted/calculated an average of 62 smiles per hour, and we haven’t even opened ‘er up yet!

Also, we got to discover yet another use for the rock & roll bbq– PVC thermal forming!

*Sorry ’bout the ad. It’s a consequence of rock.

Build video:

& last but not least, here’s our team out on the trails:

started making print archives so you crafty people with 3d printers (or sometimes 2d graphics/laser plots) handy can print things from this at home. Here’s an archive containing things I printed for this project.